Health Programs C

“Jardin de Sueños” Rehabilitation Center

Located in Camagüey’s large city park, Casino Campestre, this rehabilitation center is where Cuban specialists care for small children and teenagers with various disabilities, such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, developmental disabilities, psycho-motor challenges, and delayed development of motor function. Horse therapy is also available to these young people. This program benefits 140 children and teenagers between 3 months and 19 years old, as well as their Cuban caregivers.
Camaquito supports this institution through facilities maintenance and upgrades, by helping purchase new medical appliances and furnishings and through cultural and athletic activities.

Camagüey Home for the Disabled

The only institution of its kind in Camagüey province, the Henry Reeve Home for the Disabled was built in the 1980s and supports 240 people with moderate to severe disabilities, 120 of whom are residents. Patients are cared for by a staff of 189. Camaquito supported a complete renovation of the home between 2012-2016, which was made possible in part with funding from the Swiss and Japanese governments. In the future, we would like to be able to support long-term maintenance activities and to bolster the home’s psycho-therapeutic care with specialized equipment.
Camaquito also funds cultural and sports activities for the home’s residents and patients.


Camagüey Maternity Clinic

By number of births, Camagüey’s Ana Betancourt de Mora Maternity Clinic is the second-largest in Cuba, with 6,500 babies born here annually and 1,150 employees. The clinic’s main building opened in 1941, with additional buildings added on over the years. The maternity ward was completely renovated for the first time between 2009-2014, and Camaquito was able to successfully invest USD $300,000 in the individual renovation phases. We would like to continue to support the maternity clinic so that crucial regular maintenance work can be carried out. The Cuban government guarantees long-term job security for the clinic’s staff and is responsible for its day-to-day operations.

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